Běh přírodou na dohled městu

Prokopske udoli


  • Saturday, 26. 10. 2019


  • 9:00-10:50 – registration
  • 11:00 – start of the 8 km race
  • 11:15 – start of the 14 km race
  • 13:30 – prize giving ceremony and a raffle


  • both courses lead on paved and unpaved roads, on paths and meadows, partly along asphalt roads (with a limited traffic) in beautiful and wild nature of Prokopske udoli and Dalejske udoli
  • main race – 14 km
  • accompanying race – 8 km
  • description and a map of courses
  • highlights of the course


  • Praha – Hlubočepy, restaurant “Na Cvicisti” ( GPS: 50.0432936N, 14.3875783E
  • there will be prepared facilities for competitors
    • presentation and registration
    • start and finish
    • tents for changing
    • luggage storage (you will get a label along with a start number, attach it to your luggage)
    • toilets
    • prize giving ceremony and a raffle
    • refreshments
  • transport (we recommend public transport as parking places are limited!):
    • public transport:
      • by bus 120 to Nádraží Hlubocepy
      • by train to station Praha-Hlubočepy
    • by car:
      • limited parking at Hlubočepská and K Dalejím streets
      • access to the center of the event is not possible (entrance forbidden, no parking space)


  • limited to 500 participants



  • men (“muzi”) 14 km:
    • M20 – men under 29 years
    • M30 – men 30-39 years
    • M40 – men 40-49 years
    • M50 – men 50-59 years
    • M60 – men over 60 years
  • women (“zeny”) 14 km:
    • Z20 – women under 29 years
    • Z30 – women 30-39 years
    • Z40 – women 40-49 years
    • Z50 – women over 50 years
  • men 8 km – all ages
  • women 8 km – all ages


  • race takes place in the natural park Prokopske udoli and Dalejske udoli – please respect the beautiful nature around
  • we run in the spirit of fair play
  • running with a dog or other animal is prohibited
  • it is forbidden to move outside the marked paths and to destroy or disturb the nature and wildlife in any way
  • throw away waste only at the refreshment zone, or bring it back to finish
  • entry fee is not refundable in case of absence (registration is transferable)
  • starting number and chip are not transferable to another person, violation may leads to disqualification
  • unclaimed starting packages, start numbers, prizes or prizes from a raffle can not be picked up later or claimed in a different way
  • everyone participates at his own risk and by entering the race he undertakes to respect the rules of the race
  • participants younger than 18 years can take part only with the consent of the legal guardian
  • organizer is not responsible and does not cover any damage to health and property arising in any connection with the race
  • in the event of extreme weather threatening the health of the competitors, the organizer may postpone the start, choose substitute date or cancel the event; the paid starting fee does not return in that case, but it can be transferred to another event specified by the organizer
  • organizer has the right to disqualify a competitor in a case of braking these rules
  • the organizer reserves the right to make changes in the program and in these rules without prior notice


  • all pictures and video taken during the race by organizer can be used for future promotion of races organized by the organizer
  • if you do not agree with being photographed, report it explicitly to the photographer
  • the data filled at registration is not provided to third parties (except for e-mail, see below) and serves only for the starting and results lists; access to those data have only the time-keeping company Irontime and the organizer – PPR sport, z.s.
  • filled e-mail address may be used for sending information about the race and other events organized by the organizer and for marketing purposes of general partner – HUDY sport, a.s.