Běh přírodou na dohled městu

Pruhonicky park

Highlights of the course:

wp_20160916_14_27_23_proRight after the start you will see the beautiful panorama of the Pruhonice castle.

wp_20160916_14_31_30_proA run-through the beautiful castle courtyard at the first kilometer.

wp_20160916_14_38_39_proPart of the course runs through the center of the park along ponds.

wp_20160916_13_33_40_proThe southern part of the park is a little bit wilder.

Wooden stairs around the Pruhonice waterfalls

wp_20160916_13_51_20_proView of the Borin pond.

wp_20160916_13_50_48_proA path along a pond in the southern part of the park.

wp_20160916_13_56_58_proShort and steep downhill to the Labeška pond.

wp_20160916_13_57_30_proLabeška pond.

wp_20160916_14_16_27_proBack in the northern part, where the course leads often on meadows.

wp_20160916_14_20_19_proGloriet, rising above the course.

wp_20160916_14_25_21_proRight before the finish, route leads around Alpinum, whose rocks reach a height of up to 20 meters.

At the end of March, the park is full of blooming plants.