Běh přírodou na dohled městu

Divoka Sarka

Highlights of the course:

Wide paved track just after the start at the entrance to Divoka Sarka. Perfect to speed up 🙂

View of the Hvezda summer residence on the first kilometer.

The path leading to the fort Dolni Liboc, which has been inhabited since the Stone Age.

Then the course descents to water reservoir Dzban – at the other end than the center of the race. You’re on the second kilometer.

A little asphalt is waiting here for you, but between the breathtaking rocks.

Swimming pool in the middle of Divoka Sarka on the third kilometer. Another place to relax after the race besides Dzban reservoir. Behind the swimming pool the shorter course diverges.

Passage in the meadows around the fourth kilometer.

Between the fourth and eighth kilometer the course leads along forest paths.

Trail path leading towards view – after a steep uphill at the seventh kilometer.

Where are a beautiful views across the valley waiting for you.

A bridge over the Sarka creek, where the shorter course diverges again.

A footpath, very well-known by local runners, rising from the valley – one and a half kilometer true trail in Prague!

A wooden sculpture and a bridge after a passing of Certuv Mlyn (the Devil’s Mill).

Another steep uphill at the thirteenth kilometer. Before you get to the end, you will run in a natural amphitheater, which was in its time the largest in Europe. Its capacity was 10,000 seats and 8000 standing. Opening of the theater was 16. 5. 1913. However, their activity ended in 1922. According to Wikipedia.

And then the known track with a slight downhill to the finish.